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The Advantages of Auto Salvage Yards


Vehicle salvage yards are nice places where you can get gearheads, car restorers or any person for inexpensive spares to purchase. It is preferable that you visit your local auto salvage yard especially If you need parts from your vehicle urgently and you are short on cash to buy new ones.


An auto salvage yard is a business that collects damaged vehicles like cars or trucks that are no longer working, as well as those considered to be beyond repair by insurance companies. Salvage yards take the damaged vehicles and either crush them or cycle them and sell the used parts of the vehicle. Parts that is severely damaged that can't be reused are often recycled. Nothing goes to waste rarely, and this is an advantage to car owners since they can get cheap parts.


Vehicle salvage yards provide a good means of conserving the environment. The yards provide a good service both to those who need inexpensive auto parts as well as to the environment since they reuse. Instead of parts being dumped at a place, valuable parts that would have gone to waste are used to give life to other vehicles as spare parts. An estimate of 76 per cent of the parts of a vehicle can be recycled or be reused, making salvage garages boom for the earth and any individual needing a certain part. Cars are the most recycled product in the planet, approximately 95 percent of them are reclaimed. Salvage garages are also able to reuse the oil from the damaged vehicle, oil and other useful fluids can be used to run other functioning vehicles. The other parts that are not salvageable are smashed and torn, the bits of its former vehicle are sold around the world.The materials gotten from the scrapped vehicles are usually used in the production of new vehicles. Things like rubber from a salvaged vehicle can be used to manufacture new tires, line brakes and gas pedals, see page here!


Like any other business the garages are controlled by both the national and federal governments, moreover they need to file the purchases according to government agencies. Therefore they need to file tax returns which is a source of revenue to the government. See this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EUQlFzFNv8 for more facts about junk car.


However, not everyone making a trip to the scrap my car garage is on the search of used auto parts for vehicles. The yards not only have vehicle parts but also items that are useful to people like treasure collectors and artists. The number of useful things you can find in a salvage garage is boundless.